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Foundation Hypnosis Certificate Online

Information on hypnosis training suitable for working professionally using hypnotic suggestions.  The skills are suitable for entry to the Past Life Regression Academy classroom based Past Life, Regression Therapy and Between Lives Spiritual Regression training.

The Past Life Regression Academy has trained over 500 students around the world since 2002 with classroom based training. It has a high success rate of students going on to become professional therapists using hypnosis in their practice. This is because the course has been designed to cater for the different ways people learn, is practical based to quickly build skills and confidence, and covers personalising hypnosis scripts to get therapeutic results.

This is an online version in the English language and covers the same content as the Academy classroom hypnosis training and maintains the same standard. The style of training is based on a short talk, a demonstration, practicing what you see and getting feedback on your work. It uses videos and workshop notes. Students send assignments, audio recordings of hypnosis work and case study information to a supervisor for feedback.

The Most Important Aspect of Training

The most important aspect of training is integrating knowledge into skills and having the confidence to work professionally with clients. For hypnosis this comes from having an experienced hypnosis supervisor give you inspiration, answer questions, review your work at all the stages of training and advise you as you work with client case studies until you are qualified. It may be more expensive but you deserve the best possible training to reach your full potential as a therapist.   


Ideally students will be qualified in psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry, energy healing, body work or an approved complimentary therapy. Applicants without formal qualifications must be able to demonstrate interest, enthusiasm and life experience appropriate to the helping professions and show aptitude and potential for studying.


This includes:

  • Understanding hypnosis, and its phenomena
  • How the mind works and how hypnosis fits into this model
  • Ethics and client contra indicators when using hypnosis
  • How to conduct a client interview
  • Building rapport with clients through conscious and subconscious mirroring
  • Indirect and direct hypnosis principals
  • Pacing and leading
  • Rhythm and voice control
  • Visualisation induction
  • Progressive relaxation induction
  • Confusion induction
  • When to use different inductions and scripts
  • Learning the physical indicators of trance
  • Trance deepening and depth assessment
  • Ideo motor responses
  • Using a pendulum for independent checks
  • Steps deepener
  • Anchoring
  • Suggestions; direct, indirect, presuppositions, embedded commands, metaphors
  • Modifying suggestions in scripts to suit your client's requirement
  • Bringing clients out of trance
  • Producing self hypnosis recordings for clients
  • Applied hypnosis in stress reduction and confidence building
  • Additional scripts are included for applying hypnosis in smoking cessation accelerated study, compulsions, exam success, fear of flying, golf improvement, nail biting, handling painful periods, public speaking and self esteem strengthening 


The Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis enables the student to obtain insurance and work with clients professionally in the areas taught. The student will need to have;

  • Completed the 15 modules of online training and submitted all work assignments to the supervisor
  • Produce a recording of the first interview and hypnosis session for final skill assessment
  • Completed the workshop hypnosis theory reading and question assignments
  • Produced a written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using hypnosis while under supervision


The training fee including your own personal supervisor through all parts of the training and applying hypnosis with clients and certification is £550 (approx US$700)

Follow on Training 

The foundation hypnosis training meets the requirements of most past life therapy training organisations. For those doing  the past life regression therapy training of the Past Life Regression Academy it allows the graduates to apply for membership of most hypnotherapy associations, the Earth Association of Regression Therapy and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.